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PRESS RELEASE: Echoes of the Empire World Premiere at Ischia Film Festival


Cinema, 7 premieres in competition at Ischia Film Festival

Eight countries in competition for best film, among them a world premiere, an international premiere and 5 Italian premieres at the event in the presence of talents and audience from June 26 to July 3 

[ISCHIA, 21 MAY 2021] – Eight countries will compete for the prize for best film at the 19th edition of Ischia Film Festival, held with talents and an audience in attendance from June 26 to July 3 on the Covidfree island. Works in competition from Israel, France, Finland, China, United States, Poland, Portugal, and Italy, which will be presented live by the directors and their delegations in the spaces of the Piazza d’Armi and in the suggestive Baroque Church of the Aragonese Castle of Ischia. 

“A return to internationalization, finally. Last year, due to the pandemic, we had to give up on that” enthusiastically declared the director of the festival, Michelangelo Messina.

“Mr. Motor”, by Hehe Mi, will be presented in world premiere, while “Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan”, by Robert H. Lieberman, will have its first international release. Two films that open a window onto the East and tell, respectively, the contradictions of the modern-day China, suspended between tradition and modernity, and both the extraordinary human and military adventures of the legendary Mongol leader. 

Five films will be screened for the first time in Italy: “Le Café de mes Souvenirs”, by Valto Baltzar, a FrenchFinnish musical that pays tribute to the cult movie “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg”; “Pozzis, Samarcanda”, by Stefano Giacomuzzi, a film about a motorcycle trip undertaken by a Friulian mature rider to reach the legendary Asian destination of Samarkand; “Sombra”, by Bruno Gascon, reconstructs the painful disappearance of a Portuguese teenager: in the background, there are international pedophile organizations; “Abu Omar”, by Roy Krispel, that touches on the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; “Io sono Vera”, by Beniamino Catena, which moves on an imaginary and visionary register, narrates the surreal homecoming of a girl who disappeared years before. “Erotica 2022” is an anthology film that has a strong value of denouncing the attempts to restrict the civil and social achievements of Polish women. Italy is also represented by another film set in Calabria, “Regina”, debut in the feature film by Alessandro Grande, former guest of Ischia Film Festival and winner of the short film section in 2013 with “Margerita”. 

The international jury, composed by Karin Hoffinger of Berlin International Film Festival, Emanuela Martini, the former director of Torino Film Festival, and the Croatian Zlatko Vidackovic, director of Pula International Film Festival. 

The nineteenth edition of Ischia Film Festival is supported by the General Directorate of Cinema of MiC and the Campania region.

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