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    One of my favorite documentaries of 2022! Beauteous eye-popping cinematography…

    Stunning pen & ink/watercolor animation… a solid and engaging storyline.

    Behind The Lens


    Visually stimulating throughout… Director-cinematographer Lieberman — whose other collaborations with producer Deborah Hoard include 2012’s clandestinely filmed They Call It Myanmar, about imprisoned democratic activist Aung San Suu Kyi— exhibits a boundless intellectual curiosity that will please viewers.

    Echoes of the Empire most hits its stride when shining a light of social explication on what is for many viewers a faraway land, oft mentioned but little understood… As Lieberman blends the past into the present, he stocks his movie with an admirably wide variety of interview subjects spanning all manner of disciplines and perspectives.

    Golden Globe Awards



    Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan is brimming with breathtaking visuals and thought-provoking information on Genghis Khan. Gorgeous animation brings to life each story and Khan’s iconic historical status. Even in an ever-changing world of industry, the Great Steppe still sprawls for hundreds of miles, utterly unchanged by humans. This is displayed masterfully throughout in an almost meditative manner.

    The film also features excellent talking head interviews to accompany the sweeping shots of the untouched landscape. In addition to the visual elements, each interview adds a unique perspective to the long history of Mongolia or a direct link to its present-day culture… told through stylized animation, give it a vibrancy lacking in many historical documentaries… As it stands, Lieberman’s feature is fascinating and engaging.

    Film Threat



    Spectacular Cinematography… a fascinating incursion into Mongolian history, culture and politics.

    RKS Film



    Director Robert H. Lieberman’s Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan immediately astounds with breathtaking cinematography. That awe is transferred to the artistic animation as stories take shape and is continued in every visual aspect of the film for its entirety.
    Echoes of the Empire is many things: informative, compelling, astounding. But the beauty of Lieberman’s vision tied closely with the captivating culture makes for a unique, lifted experience.



    (Mongolia) is largely unknown in the outside world. Robert H. Lieberman’s documentary sets out to change that, not simply by presenting viewers with information, but by capturing something of the spirit of the place… a rich portrait of a rapidly changing nation whose people are facing up to the challenges of the 21st Century with the same determination they have always shown.

    Eye For Film



    Robert H. Lieberman’s documentary, with its lush, grand vistas of the rolling Mongolian plains, chronicles the enigmatic country’s origins, its notorious conquering leader and modern identity… What resonates most in the film is Mongolian pride, the connection of the people to the land, the sense of spirituality, lore and community. One of the best tidbits is how Mongolian herds solve the problem of living with predators such as wolves, leopards, foxes and the ginormous golden eagle.

    Cambridge Day



    Fascinating and cool… Echoes Of The Empire has a richness of the subject beyond the history lessons as well as delivering some surprises to the mix…




    Amazing visuals that tie together which tie together the nation’s past and present. (Lieberman’s) films prove that international culture and foreign policy should not be dismissed as boring.

    JB Spins



    Director Robert H. Lieberman’s Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan immediately astounds with breathtaking cinematography. That awe is transferred to the artistic animation as stories take shape, and is continued in every visual aspect of the film for its entirety… Echoes of the Empire is many things: informative, compelling, astounding, and sometimes, disproportionate. But the beauty of Lieberman’s vision tied closely with the captivating culture makes for a unique, lifted experience.

    Columbus Underground



    Echoes opens with gorgeous aerial shots by Michael Roberts of animals moving through vast landscapes of grass, sand, and mountains before the camera reveals UB, the past meeting the present and future as lush traditional music plays… Gracefully edited by David Kossack and photographed by Lieberman, who produced the film with Deborah C. Hoard, Echoes of the Empire is a love letter to the extraordinary country of Mongolia, from its past to its present.

    This Week in New York


    This is a truly compelling documentary movie resonating with an incredible visceral learning experience in the storytelling about a people whom we really don’t know much about. Yet, only the blind will fail to see or feel, for that matter, the universality about Mongols and other native people around the world… The cinematography of Director Robert H. Lieberman’s ECHOES OF THE EMPIRE brilliantly blends panoramic landscapes and sweeping desert venues with paintings, drawings, animation, graphics and archival footage with resonant spoken word interviews (Mongol with English captions and English). Robert H. Lieberman’s ECHOES OF THE EMPIRE is an exhilarating opportunity for audiences to purge or get on that path to purging themselves of stereotypes, biases, prejudices xenophobic and chauvinistic regarding native people not like them. A rapturous sauna for the human souls of what those in the audience who may think they know about Genghis Khan, Mongols and Mongolia

    The Word, “Real Journalism Now”


    Where our education leaves us flat, this inspired documentary film, Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan, brings the past and present of the Mongolian people to life.

    Starting with the personal and intimate origin story of Genghis Khan, Lieberman weaves a rich and close-knit tale of the entire history of the Mongolian people—effortlessly mixing past, present and future in its entire epic splendor.

    True View Reviews



    The haunting vast steppes of Mongolia, the fascinating life story of the relentless Genghis Khan, and the current precarious predicament of the Mongol people are juxtaposed in this scenic film of cinematic grandeur.

    — It’sJustAMovie.com



    Starting with the personal and intimate origin story of Genghis Khan, Lieberman weaves a rich and close-knit tale of the entire history of the Mongolian people—effortlessly mixing past, present and future in its entire epic splendor.

    — Karsten Kastelan, German Film Critics Association



    Far more than a visually magnificent film capturing Mongolia’s remarkable natural beauty, Echoes of Empire reveals a people proud of their traditions, their independence, and the freedoms they cherish. As the United States and Mongolia grow ever closer, this film highlights much of what brings our countries together.

    — Michael Klecheski, United States Ambassador to Mongolia



    Echoes of The Empire charts Mongolia’s history, but also comes down firmly in the modern day. Not only talking about the rising Mongolian cityscapes, but also its vast and beautiful countryside which creates an unusual divide where progress meets tradition and heritage.

    The documentary shows that Mongolia is not a country stuck in the past or a place that wants to hide from the world anymore. Instead, it’s a country that wants to learn from others and maybe dispel the misconceptions that have been held over the country for so long.

    Joel Fisher @ BattleRoyaleWithCheese



    Entertaining and often informative... It’s a good insight into a people we often forget.




    Absolutely, the best documentary ever made on Mongolia…Digs past the stereotypes. I think this will be important long into the future.

    — Jack Weatherford, New York Times bestselling author, “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.”



    What a beautiful film. I have seen lots of films about Mongolia but this is the first time I really learned something new about this country and its people.

    — Nina Gladitz, author and filmmaker, “Leni Riefenstahl: Career of a Perpetrator.”



    Director Robert H. Lieberman and screenwriter/researcher Deborah C. Hoard introduce us to Mongolian politicians, academics, activists, a poet, a painter and a comedian to give us a beyond-just-a-travelogue look at the young republic and its youthful — and as suggested by the film — hopeful population.

    Movie Nation



    Lieberman’s film reminds the viewers that during the communist era, the name of Genghis Khan was a taboo, (though) Genghis Khan was indeed the ruler who united Mongolia and gave the world some of the enduring commercial and legal advancements.

    Echoes of the Empire highlights the challenges that the ancient nomadic people of Mongolia are currently facing as the country undergoes rapid urbanization often placing the nomads in the midst of a cultural vortex.

    Kallol Bhattacherjee @ The Hindu, India’s leading English language newspaper



    Bravo! A docu masterpiece… Esthetic flyovers in high resolution, insightful interviews and the fascinating life story of Genghis Khan

    Thorsten Elsingerich. Deputy Consul General, Austrian Consulate General



    This is a must see documentary to better understand how, in many ways, the planet and his leaders haven’t changed that much since Genghis Khan and are still putting our future upside-down with a mad spirit of conquest, a unsustainable vision of what “sovereignty” means: to put yourself above others.

    Emmanuel Itier @ FilmFestivals.com



    This informative documentary from director Robert H. Lieberman and screenwriter/researcher Deborah C. Hoard gives an overview of Mongolia's history and present culture...


  • Viewer Responses

    “The story was riveting, the photography stunning and the artistry very, very classic and tasteful. Congratulations!"

    —Tom T., San Francisco, CA USA


    "A must-see movie!!!"

    —Don S., New Canaan, CT


    "Wow! I watched it, enthralled. The cinematography - both on the ground and in the air was fabulous. The interviews were so informative and touching. And I loved the watercolor on paper visuals for the titles and texts. "

    —Margaret W., Ithaca, NY


    "The cinemaphotography was extraordinary… the editing was flawless, seamless, quite remarkable. "

    —Lamar H., Ithaca NY


    “Just watched. Beautiful cinematography and very thoughtful perspective on the culture.”

    —Don L., Media, PA


    “Great flick, stunning visuals.”

    —Brian G., Santa Fe, NM


    “One of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time… Beautiful, moving, fascinating. Just wonderful. A gift to everyone who watches it.”

    —Robert R., Ithaca, NY


    “From Cambodia, a big applause”

    —Som R., Phnom Penh


    "Very good, engrossing, beautifully shot. All the GK history and connection of nomads to the land and animals was beautifully handled…You found wonderful spokespeople. Made me want to know them all. "

    —Robin S., NYC


    “I just finished watching Echoes of the Empire. It's very wonderful. Thank you so much.”

    — Sidney O., Ithaca NY


    "We just watched the film…a wonderful documentary."

    —Babette W., NYC


    “I am impressed. Visually it is enchanting and so is the music."

    —Liza D., NYC


    “I really loved this film.”

    —Beth V., Ithaca NY


    “It is a truly wonderful accomplishment…an enlightening piece of work told in such an appealing way.”
    —Robert W., NYC


    “The movie is really beautiful, a powerful statement about Mongolia's history, and its present. I like how it doesn't make everything in the country or in the society look perfect.”
    —Simon W., New Brunswick, N.J.


    “What a treat to see a place so different for ours but also dealing with cultural changes and struggles with the nation’s identity. And the vistas. Incredible!”
    —Daniel E., Washington D.C.


    "Absolutely loved it! It is a visual feast."
    —Brian K., San Francisco


    "Beautiful and fascinating doc."
    — Bobby R., Los Angeles


    "The film is balanced with all aspects of the country. The drone footage, the opening, Jack (Weatherford) and the overall narration of the history and description of ecosystems are all great."
    — Gereltuv D., Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


    "My heartfelt gratitude to you for making this wonderful film about my beloved country. The film was a mysterious composition of your talent. Big congratulations."
    —Mend G., Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


    It's an impressive presentation of Mongolia across multiple dimensions: ancient vs modern; current challenges vs opportunities.— Ranjiv K., San Francisco


    WOW, were we ever impressed with it!!  You brilliantly captured so much complicated history, and so much of the sweeping landscapes of the country.  We were particularly taken by your use of animated art to portray the historical narrative…and plan to watch it again just to enjoy those elements once more.  And thank you for not shying away from the tough issues that the country faces.

    — Jean M., Olympia, WA